I use scorecloud to create student specific content. Click button for free samples


I use scorecloud to prepare unique arrangements which you can print, listen to and view as they are updated and have detail added. They can be in any key and have any level of detail. Many I will produce specifically for you if required. If you have a song you would like to learn, if I can find it on youtube or whatever I can make an arrangement for you. This is not an additional extra. Once I have created the arrangement I can send you the link and you can listen to it, print it and see it updated.


Whether you wish to expand your repertoire, improve your technique, prepare for grade exams, or just have fun, the lessons will be prepared in consultation with you to help you achieve your goals. No two students are the same and I prepare lessons and objectives individually to meet the unique requirements and skills of each student. I employ a holistic approach based on the Guiding Principles of the European Piano Teacher's Association. In essence these principles are designed to facilitate a comprehensive study of Piano whilst not stifling the student or undermining their unique approach to music. At the heart of this is the premise of Sound Before Symbol - learning through aural recognition, tutor demonstration, sight and hand/muscle memory, with the written score being subordinate. This is not to underestimate the importance of the score or the benefits of achieving proficiency in translating it, rather that the written music is one tool of many. Nothing should undermine the enjoyment and nascent ability of the student.


For those who wish to understand the mechanics of what is happening in a piece of music, or wish to get a better grasp of theory and harmony for their composition or improvisation, I incorporate harmonic theory in lessons. Some students wish to focus on harmony, with piano technique taking a back seat. You will find some scorecloud examples of content I have created for students by clicking the button at the top of the page. Introductory harmony - basic concepts of chord shapes, naming conventions, voice leading and chords native to the key. 4 part harmony and counterpoint. Further harmony - modulation, related keys, cycle of fifths, 7ths chords, II,V,I shapes, chord extensions, 2 handed chord voicings, rootless voicings etc.


I have always been most comfortable when working by ear. For this reason I subscribe wholeheartedly to the principle of the European Piano Teachers Association (of which I am a member) of sound before symbol. Since each student is unique in ability and ambition I strive to create a syllabus and curriculum that is also uniquely suited to each, to help them achieve their potential. For those who prefer a more formal approach I also believe that well structured study of theory and technique is essential in order to achieve a well balanced piano education. There are no barriers to what may be studied, whether it be a film theme, pop song, classical repertoire or Jazz improvisation, theory, harmony, technique or composition. Music should be a pleasure above all else.


I have a Cert PTC from the European Piano Teachers Course, the UK's leading professional development course solely for piano teachers. EPTA - European Piano Teachers Association, UK Ltd was founded in 1978 by Carola Grindea, who also founded a Europe-wide co-ordinating body, EPTA. EPTA now has Associations in almost every European country, and an International Conference of all EPTA Associations is held in a different country each year. AIMS The aims of EPTA UK are to promote excellence in piano teaching and performance, to bring teachers and performers together and to raise standards within the profession. Vice-presidents: Peter Feuchtwanger, Philip Fowke, Dame Fanny Waterman DBE Patron: Piers Lane Chair: Murray McLachlan Vice-chair: Melvyn Cooper


I have released four albums. Details below.

The Jazz Steppers

Get Up!

Released in 1998 on Ralph Tee's Passionjazz label, this album won the 1998 MOBO award for Best Jazz Act. 

Klay Dumas

On Reflection

Released in 2000 on the Timewarp label. Limited copies of this album are available on CD. Email for details.

Klay D-C


Released in 2008, this is a collection of studio projects, vocal tracks and Jazz Steppers tunes. Available mp3 only. 

The Jazz Steppers

Get Up!

Released in 2010, Ritmo is available either as mp3 or high quality Digipak CD. Click cover for mp3. Click HERE for CD.  


Klay Dumas-Copas


I am a member of the European Piano Teachers Association - EPTA and hold a Cert. PTC from them. My page at EPTA is here - http://www.epta-uk.org/MemberHome=DUMASCOPAS All lessons are tailored to your requirements.  See website for details and sample music for lessons. 

I teach improvisation, Playing by ear, Classical piano, Jazz piano styles from stride, to smooth jazz and funk, technique, aural recognition, music theory and harmony. I use scorecloud to create a custom curriculum and arrangements for each student, often based around their choice of piece. (Examples on web site.) 

Free 30 min assessment ( So we can discuss your requirements and you can decide if I will be able to meet them) 

If you simply wish to learn some of your favourite pop songs we can build a series of lessons around that. We can incorporate some theory along the way if you would like to. 

I am based in Crouch End near the clock tower. My piano is a Yamaha U3A upright (or a Roland RD300 electric piano if you prefer) 

My name is Klay Dumas-Copas. I studied Jazz at Leeds College of Music and have worked with artists including Roy Ayers, Martin Taylor and Jocelyn Brown. I have released 4 albums including the MOBO award winning Jazz Steppers album in 1998.   Enhanced CRB certificate.

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